Written Test – Police Officer and Public Safety Aide:

The written examination measures the basic skills necessary to perform successfully as a Police Officer or a Public Safety Aide. The examination is 75 multiple choice questions which measures basic math, reading comprehension, spelling, mechanical aptitude, the ability to understand and rationalize logical sequences, and reading retention. You will have an hour and a half (1.5 hours) to complete the entire exam. Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 70% to advance in the selection process.

The following link will provide you with the opportunity to obtain a study guide to assist you in preparation for the written examination. (OCPD Study Guide)

Physical Abilities Test - Police Officer Only:

One must provide a physician’s endorsement on the day of the test to participate in the physical abilities test. Please open the “Physician’s Waiver” which is located under the “Preparedness” tab and have your physician complete the form for your submission on test day.

The Physical Abilities test is comprised of 3 events – A 220 yd. shuttle run, an obstacle course, and a 150 lb. dummy drag.

Event #1: 220 Yard Shuttle Run
(Simulates the foot pursuit of an individual)
The run is structured in four (4) legs of fifty-five (55) yards each for a total of two hundred twenty (220) yards.
The course must be completed in forty-seven (47) seconds or less.

Event #2: Obstacle Course
(Simulates pursuing a fleeing suspect around various obstacles)
The participant must complete the obstacle course in forty-two (42) seconds or less. The obstacle course will consist of:
Run around seven (7) traffic cones
Spring to and traverse a set of stairs
Sprint to and cross over a low hurdle
Run across six (6) four (4) inch posts
Spring to and jump/climb over a four (4) foot barrier
Run to the finish line while dodging five (5) traffic cones

Event #3: Body Drag
(Simulates the Emergency Rescue of an Injured Person)
The participant will drag/lift/carry/pull a one hundred fifty (150) pound dummy a distance of forty (40) feet on a resistant surface. The task must be completed in twenty (20) seconds or less.

Physical Abilities Test Preparedness

As is customary when beginning any fitness program, candidates should consult with their doctors to ensure they are healthy enough to start training.

To prepare for the physical fitness test, candidates should ensure they do not “jump into” a routine, especially if they have not worked out in a while. Candidates are advised to begin their programs slowly to assess their baseline level of fitness. From that point, candidates are recommended to practice the individual tests and build on their scores. Repetition is key to increasing performance on the tasks at hand.

Again, it is not recommended that candidates begin the program and push themselves too hard. Injuries frequently occur this way. Take time at the beginning of your fitness program and build up to test day.

Each individual candidate should develop his or her own workout routine. Fitness professionals are a great resource to customize a program that will work for you.