All Positions begin testing at 8AM, doors will open at 7AM. All documents must be completed and presented at check in.

Police Officer candidates should arrive in athletic attire on the first day and business attire on the second day. Public Safety Aide and Communications Operator candidates should wear business attire on the first day (their only day of testing).

All applicants will take a written test. All applicants will complete a preliminary background screening.

Any applicants that do not pass either of these stages will be dismissed.

There will be a short break for lunch. However, you will not be permitted to leave the testing site. Therefore, make sure you bring a granola bar or something similar with you.

Police Officer candidates will then complete a physical abilities test. If they complete that successfully, they will be scheduled for an oral interview on the following day. Details regarding the oral interview will be given to successful candidates at the conclusion of their first day of testing.

Public Safety Aide and Communications Operator candidates will participate in an oral interview after successfully completing the written test and preliminary background screening. This will conclude their testing process.