I was hired as a seasonal police officer for OCPD in the summer of 2005. I used this opportunity as an internship with my university which enabled me to graduate a semester early. As such, I applied and was selected for full-time employment with OCPD in 2006 and ultimately lateraled to another agency for personal needs. My seasonal experience confirmed law enforcement was the right career path for me. The training, knowledge, and experience I gained while employed with OCPD further aided in my qualification and selection as a lateral officer, selection for specialty units, and several promotions.
City of Laurel Police Department
I worked in Ocean City MD summers of 2016, 2017, and 2018 holding the role of Public Safety Aid, Seasonal Officer and Returning Seasonal Officer. I cannot imagine a better program for people looking to start a career in law enforcement. The experience and opportunities I had in Ocean City got me to where I am today. I am forever grateful for these opportunities and have now made detective at my current agency. I recommend this program to all college students looking to start a career in law enforcement.
N. Becker
City of Fairfax Police Department
I became a Seasonal Police Officer in 2022 to fulfill the internship requirement for my Bachelor's of Science degree in Forensic Police Science. Being a sworn personnel was never my career goal, but this experience changed my mind. It allowed me to see the policing world first hand, rather than just reading the news, and studying cases in school. I worked with wonderful mentors who have a plethora of experience and knowledge that put their time and effort into training and guiding aspiring officers. I recently graduated from the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy as a physical fitness excellence awardee, and I am excited to learn more as I work full time for OCPD.
E. Wong
Ocean City Police Department
I joined the Ocean City Police Department in 2013 after completing a summer seasonal position in 2012. During my summer seasonal experience, I gained more on the job knowledge and training than most full-time positions in other agencies. This helped me quickly move into a full-time position with the Ocean City Police Department since I already had learned the skills necessary to become a fully certified police officer. The skills and experiences I learned while with the Ocean City Police Department greatly assisted me when I lateralled to another agency where I quickly became a member of the Emergency Response Team, a member of the K9 team and promoted to the rank of Corporal.
M. Zimmerman
City of Laurel Police Department
During the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2013, I worked with the Ocean City Police Department as a Seasonal Public Safety Aide. In this role I gained vital hands on experience in law enforcement and learned the importance of serving my community. Having the opportunity to participate in assignments such as patrol and arrestee processing was an extremely rewarding experience that ultimately prepared me for the beginning of my career as a Police Officer.
Joseph Kropff
City of Laurel Police Department
I achieved a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from California University of Pennsylvania in May 2010. Following graduation, I worked with the Ocean City Police Department as a Seasonal Police Officer for two consecutive summers. The training, knowledge, and experience I gained from the Seasonal Police Officer program helped me become a highly marketable candidate to multiple agencies. I was hired by the Ocean City Police Department as a Police Officer in Jan 2012. In addition to being on patrol, I am a member of the Bicycle Maintenance & Instruction Unit and also a Field Evidence Technician for the department’s Forensic Services Unit.
Michael Dzurnak