Public Safety Aide Training Academy

Applicants who successfully complete the selection process and are offered employment as a Public Safety Aide will attend a week long training program that will begin the third week of May 2022.

Public Safety Aide Recruits will receive training in numerous topics to include:

  • CPR and First Aid
  • Ethics in Law Enforcement
  • Booking Process
  • Prisoner Care and Security
  • Towing and Parking Enforcement
  • Radio Communication
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation
  • Traffic Control
  • CJIS Fingerprinting
  • Defensive Tactics and Crowd Control

Public Safety Aides who successfully complete the training program are assigned to one of six Patrol shifts or one of four Arrest and Detention shifts. Public Safety Aides who will be 21 years of age by the following summer will be afforded the opportunity to begin their Seasonal Police Officer testing during the summer.