Q: Is there a cost to take the test?
A: No. There is no cost to take the test.

Q: What should I wear to testing?
A: Please click on “Preparedness” under the “Testing” tab.

Q: Will this seasonal job qualify for my college internship?
A: We cooperate fully with colleges and universities to help satisfy your internship requirements.

Q: Are there any hotels that offer a discount for applicant testing?
A: Yes, please click on “Dates/Location/Hotel” under the “Testing” tab.

Q: If I have a police certification in another state, will that count as a lateral transfer?
A: In some cases. That determination is made by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission. They will evaluate your training curriculum and make the determination if you qualify as a lateral.

Q: I am in a military reserve unit and I will have weekend drill obligations. Will this keep me from getting the job?
A: No. We honor all military obligations.

Q: I live 8 hours away. Is the Academy live-in and/or does the department provide housing?
A: No. We do have numerous programs in place to assist you in finding affordable housing though. Click here to be taken to the Housing Information page.